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Info-Pay 8.0 : Singapore Payroll Software:

Info-Pay is a perfect payroll processing software with all Singapore payroll requirements. Our payroll software makes the payroll calculation easier, faster, accurate and secure with its user friendly options & reports.

Infopay is approved by CPF BOARD for online CPF submission, IRAS for online Auto Inclusion & all the major banks in Singapore for online employee salary transfer called Bank GIRO.

Infopay is complying for Singapore government rules & regulations and we do the periodic software updates and inform to the customers for changes in the government rules. 

Important Regulations :

An employee who is a Singaporean / permanent resident must contribute CPF. The CPF amount comprises of employer & employee components. Based on the employee's salary and age the contribution amount will differ.   An employee who is working in Singapore must contribute the ethnic fund based on their respective races. Even though the employee can opt out for contribution in general everybody will contribute this funds. This The ethnic funds are SINDA (for Indians) CDAC (for Chinese), MBMF (for Malays).   SDL must be paid for all the employees working in Singapore. Currently the SDL rate is 0.25% for salary up to S$4500 (as of 2010). This amount must be paid by the employer.
FWL- (FOREIGN WORKERS LEVY)   Income Tax   National Service
This levy must be paid by employer for the foreign workers working in their company based on the worker skill level. The levy amount can be found from the Ministry of Manpower website.   Singapore Inland Authority of Singapore (IRAS) makes it mandatory that the employer must submit their employee’s yearly income details to the income tax board. This submission can be done via online process called Auto Inclusion.   During the national service period the employee salary will be paid by the government (MINDEF – Ministry of Defense) and the respective CPF must be paid by the employer.
Online Bank GIRO        
Infopay payroll software can directly interface the employee's salary details to the Company bank. Then the banks will distribute the salaries to the respective employee accounts.
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